Remington No. 4

  • When my kids (boy and girl twins) were 9 years old I decided to build them each a 22 rifle. Because I wanted them to learn to shoot and not just blast away that meant single-shot rifles. I also wanted these to be special guns for them that they would always treasure. After some thinking I decided the best idea was to rebuild old guns so I settled on the Remington No.4 rolling block.

    Remington made two basic versions of the No.4 action; one with a screwed in barrel and one a take-down. The screwed in barrel version is the oldest. Although many were produced it took about 6 months to find two that were in relatively good condition. Of course the barrels were rusted out and the extractors needed replacing.

    I took them apart and polished the actions that were sent out for coloring. Barrels were ordered from Green Mountain. My son's rifle has a heavy barrel and is chambered for the 22 Magnum. It is basically a miniature of my 50-70 and has the same MVA sights. My daughter's rifle was made to look like a Remington target rifle from the 1880's. Her barrel is a bit longer but lighter. Sights are from Lyman. I need to put new stocks on the guns but the kids like the old original wood.

    At the time the No.4's were produced the rifle numbers were stamped on the barrels so with new barrels the rifles no longer had numbers. To fix this I decided to make special numbers for each kid. The numbers are their initials and birthday looks something like this 'ABC29032003" the other "DEF29032003"



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