Engraved M1903 Springfield signed by H@H Zehner - Frankfurt

  • Sorry for the English.

    Here in America I have recently acquired a fully engraved M1903 Springfield in 30-06 with carved stock with "H & H Zehner Gunsmiths Frankfurt" engraved on the floorplate. It is really quite lovely with the rifle in excellent condition. I am having the optic (Wetzlar) which was damaged restored, but the rifle shoots well with open sights. I assume this is post-war custom conversion work done for an American serviceman that would be quite expensive if attempted today.

    Pictures of several "H @ H Zehner" rifles may be seen currently on the web and range from mine and near duplicates to a fairly plain and "klunky" imitation of a 1950's American custom rifle. Mine appears to be the one pictured at "Cowan's Auction" (http://www.cowanauctions.com/p…se/item.aspx?ItemId=83987). Fortunately, mine approximates the more graceful (if ornate) style of a pre-war guild sporting Mauser.

    I always like to know the background and history of a firearm I own and know nothing of this maker. If you can tell me anything about the maker and his history (and if they are still in business), I would be very happy and appreciative.

    Thank you.

  • Sorry für die Engländer translated to German by Google.

    Hier in Amerika Ich habe vor kurzem eine voll graviert M1903 Springfield in 30-06 erworben mit geschnitzten Aktie mit "H & H Zehner Büchsenmacher Frankfurt" auf die Bodenplatte graviert. Es ist wirklich sehr schön mit dem Gewehr in ausgezeichnetem Zustand. Ich habe die Optik (Wetzlar), die beschädigt wurde wiederhergestellt, aber das Gewehr schießt auch mit offener Visierung. Ich nehme an, dies ist Nachkriegs-Konvertierung individuelle Arbeit für eine amerikanische Soldat getan, die sehr teuer sein würde, wenn heute versucht.

    Bilder von mehreren "H @ H Zehner" Gewehre kann derzeit auf dem Web und reichen von mir und in der Nähe von Duplikaten einer ziemlich schlicht und "klunky" Nachahmung eines 1950 American Custom Gewehr gesehen werden. Meins scheint das ein bei "Cowan Auktion" (http://www.cowanauctions.com/peek-in-war ... px? Itemid = 83.987) abgebildet werden. Glücklicherweise nähert mir das anmutiger (wenn verzierten) Stil eines Vorkriegs-Gilde sportlichen Mauser.

    Ich habe immer gerne den Hintergrund und die Geschichte einer Waffe besitze ich kennen und wissen nichts von diesem Hersteller. Wenn Sie mir etwas über den Hersteller und seine Geschichte (und wenn sie noch im Geschäft sind), wäre ich sehr glücklich und dankbar.


  • hi there,

    here is the result of the google search:


    SCHWANHEIMER BAHNSTR. 115, Schwanheim

    Telefon: 069350014
    Fax: 069 359039

    hope that'll be of interests.

    Ike Godsey

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  • Hi!

    I don´t think that your english text is the problem here... Its just almost nothing to find on the internet about the work of this gunsmith. Just some pre-owned rifles and an URL that leads nowhere.

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  • Of course I turned up this contact information in my own Google searches but it does not seem to be a "live" connection. Since this forum is based in Germany I had hoped to find someone (perhaps from frankfurt) that might relay personal experience. I try to make whatever I learn part of the recorded provenance of the firearm. Whether this may be tossed aside and lost by a future owner is but a guess. But I suspect that most drawn to the particularly beautiful older pieces cherish all the information they can get.

    We all know about the big name manufacturers and the history we have of them, while not perfect, is probably adequate to well preserve their history. Many of Germany's finest firearms are of course from these small makers and gun smiths and the only history of them that is being left us is examples of their work. I do hope someone there is working on that. We of course have the same problem here in America regarding even fairly recent pieces from the better custom makers. Though a very amateurish product, Michael Petrov's recent book is a start at preserving this history of American makers and I think will draw out perhaps more professional efforts by other parties.

    Anyway, thank you for your replies. I still hold out hope that someone from maybe Frankfurt may tell me more.

  • FWIW: I had dealings with a gunsmith named Zehner from Frankfurt during the late 1970s/early 1980s.
    Back then he had a shop and ran the shooting range in Schwanheimer Wald ... which just might be the address Ike provided.
    Most of his clients were hunters sighting in their rifles at the range. Regarding gunsmithing most of his work was fixing scopes to rifles.
    I gave him a CZ75 for some cosmetic enhancement and action tuning. He messed her up.
    Long Johns Wolf

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  • Hallo, wenn sie noch auf Suche nach Informationen zu H&H Zehner sind, können Sie mich gerne anschreiben. Meine Mutter hat dort Ende der 50 Jahre gearbeitet Mit freundlichen Grüßen